The First Sonogram

I know I have mentioned many times about not feeling ready to have a baby.  Honestly, I still feel like that and the baby is coming in about two months!  It honestly didn’t even feel like Rachel was pregnant for the longest time.  We had to wait 8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy.  We thought you take a pregnancy test at home, confirm the results and set the doctor’s appointment for the next day.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  You have to wait until you are at least two months along to have your first doctor’s appointment.  We spent 8 weeks wondering if we were really about to have a baby.  Rachel wasn’t really showing the first two months and she really had no signs that she was in fact pregnant.  With the first appointment, we really had no idea what to expect.  All we knew is that we couldn’t wait.

The first appointment finally arrived and we knew we would be able to see the first images of our baby.  I was excited and, of course, scared.  I knew we were going to be doing a sonogram, but neither of us expected to see much.  I think we were really just focused on confirming that we were in fact pregnant.  As the image of our child suddenly flashed on the screen it was, for lack of a better word, amazing.  There was our baby, resembling a peanut.  It was bigger than we expected and I could tell Rachel was trying to control her emotions.  I was speechless.  It became very real the second I saw the little heartbeat running a mile a minute.  It was the first real sign of life.  There was our child, beginning to grow in my wife’s new baby belly.  Tears filled my eyes as I sat in awe.  In that moment everything changed.  I was no longer just going to be a son, brother, husband, and uncle…I was going to be a father.


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